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I completely attribute this to the quality of this paper. Oh yeah, I’ve been at it again with the beadboard wallpaper and have totally transformed that blah 70’s bath into a beautiful coastal inspired space.The one main floor bathroom in our house was in need of a makeover.It’s just a little box of a room with no windows and is visible off the kitchen.The process is quite simple: It is recommended to wipe walls with 70% alcohol, but since our walls were painted not too long ago, I just wiped down with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust or dirt.It is suggested to you let paint cure for 30 days before installing wallpaper over to reduce the risk of paint peeling when removed. I didn’t realize that the pattern is repeatable from left to right and I had a tough time getting my pattern to match up in the last house.Y’all, it’s gorgeous now and I’ve only got one more thing to do to the mirror and it will be show-worthy. Painting first makes sense, then you don’t have to worry about getting it on your new wallpaper.I decided where the chairrail would sit and used the light switch as my guide, right below that. I began in a corner, working my way around the wall.

I’ll share the full reveal with before and after shots later this week, but for now here’s a sneak peek: I knew wallpapering this little window-less room would be a bold statement but it felt like a good way to add interest and something special to an otherwise uninteresting, yet regularly used room.I had avocado tiles and an aqua laminate countertop to work with, so adding beadboard wallpaper to the space gave it a much more interesting architectural feel and at a cost of per roll, it’s a bargain.I used less than 1 roll for this project and still have a little left. If you missed my earlier posts about my new found love of beadboard wallpaper that started 2 years ago, you can go here, here, and we even had a beadboard wallpaper linky party here. Before I show off the new bathroom, I’m going to share the how-to’s on the beadboard wallpaper and the new vinyl faux wood planks that went down on the floor. I didn’t bother to paint below the chairrail, since that is where the wallpaper will go.For the past nine-ish months, I’ve been looking at patterns and ordering samples ( As with every other space in our home, this makeover is a Phase One makeover. Eventually we’d like to move the door (so it’s not right off the kitchen), change out the vanity for something smaller and replace the beadboard with tile.But until then, I was ready to make the room a little more in line with our style.

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I panicked for a second because I really didn’t want to waste an entire piece I was almost done!