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Vedating ru

I created this landscape (see below) to provide a better understanding of the list of participants and their place in the ecosystem. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS / FEEDBACK.

Imagine you are USV, you have invested into Polychain Capital which invests through an exchange directly or via a market maker into protocols.

Step-3Allotments of shares: Allotments of shares means acceptance by the company of the offer made by the applicants to take up the shares applied for.

The information of allotment is given to the shareholders by a letter known as ‘Allotment Letter’, informing the amount to be called at the time of allotment and the date fixed for payment of such money. Thus, the application money on the share after allotment becomes a part of share capital.

Like any investors, Polychain can use market data, general research and ICO research for their due diligence.

In addition, Polychain could ask for legal or financial advisors.

In the latest newsletter of Social Capital, the questions were asked. Could you have foreseen in 1973 that SMTP (aka email) would still be used in 2017 and that it would be one of the most important messaging protocols? Blockchain may not be the solution to all problems and it is very much still a technology looking to solve a problem. However, I was stoked when a former high school friend asked me about ICOs “Are you long Augur? If you don’t know what an ICO or Token is, I would recommend you to read As a VC / private investor, I find tokens super interesting.

However, it does provide a solution to an increasingly centralised internet in which few private companies control/manage/share users’ data as well as make decisions on what users should see or not (I still don’t understand why my Twitter Moment looks more like the front page of the Sun rather than Wired. Tokens are open to all, with a revenue based on community momentum and have a proper liquid market.

It also includes the opening date and the closing date of the issue, amount payable with application, at the time of allotment and on calls, name of the bank in which the application money will be deposited, minimum number of shares for which application will be accepted, etc.

It includes everyone such as Coinbase/Bitstamp/Bitfinex account and who is doing daily trading and holding strategy.

It also includes your friend who bought Bitcoin four years ago and now is a millionaire.

It seems that everyday there is a new altcoin or a new blockchain capital market company.

As the market is evolving at a rapid pace, I thought it could be useful to share my landscape in order to gather feedback and also to flag all my typos/errors…PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS.

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Argon just helped to fundraise the $10m ICO of blockchain capital and is the equivalent of Goldman Sachs in the crypto world.

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