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It took me a while (30 to 60 minutes), but it was easy to do and will save you a trip to the dry cleaners. This mat has the old fashioned valve that is very rough to the mouth. They're light weight, have good ancle support, they have drainers, and they mold to your feet very well. For the price, way better than any folding shovel you can get from Walmart or the like. I would not hesitate to order another E-tool from Mc Guire Army Navy, they were honest, priced very fair, and their service is awesome.It is alos makes adjustments to the level of inflation next to impossible to do in the field. The boots arrived quickly and fit exactly as expected. I was able to press it back out but it left a crease which was disappointing. Last year I purchased an Anorak in XL from this company. A little extra roomy to have multiple layers underneath.They are also great for construction and I often use them for plowing!As long as I have these, I will never buy a different boot brand again!Also these are made of a heavy canvas, so in terms of getting heat out and bulk.

The solution is to wet a dish rag, squeeze it out until it is damp, and use an iron on the wool setting to press the flattened, damp towel against the creases in the coat. My only complaint is the funky smell but that’ll disappear after a while. The problem with this one is the air valve is not a screw down type like thermarest and other high quality suppliers. These are really the only boots i would want to wear with my uniform. I have used this shovel a lot through out this past winter and it had no issues with the frozen ground.I know they had some custom made little material type over Christmas, but I think they're gone for now. Wear it both indoors, outdoors, even in bed, stays on no problem.Color is actually black black, product image is off. I'm glad that I read the previous reviews and got a size smaller.I like the m-65 Olive drab Field Jacket because it's design is versatile & Dynamic and like blue jeans, the jackets colour stands out. Most commonly imitate by other foreign military jackets, not to mention jackets of the same design & Various selection of colours. Do a good job of keeping the blowing Kuwaiti dust/sand out of your eyes, and CSM's off your butt for not wearing eye pro. Very heavy zipper, and strong nylon outer material. For short hikes this pack is ideal, but if you're planning on a 3 day go of it, I'd suggest a little larger pack to provide more meals on the trail. I have a pair and they do seem to work with proper welted boots (soles), and I use my tele ski boots w/ duckbill OK.....What make this version outstanding & Special, is that it is made by Winfield mfg. I ordered the USMC Boonie hat for my river rafting trip. It provided shade, it's lightweight, and held up against the elements. Not sure I really trust the cable hold on boot cable groove in downhill mode w/ cable routed through side sleeves mounted to ski side edge under ankle.

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At 1/3 that cost, the ESS glasses have proven to be my go-to glasses for range practice and competition shooting. The cap pictured is a heavyweight wool cap that isn't full stretchy material like the one I received. The cap i received is a stretchy beanie that looks nothing like the one on the picture.

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