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Updating mstar

There may be newer versions for newer flash chips, but I can't find an English version. If there is a newer version of the Mstar software than the one on the blur busters' site, you will probably have to beg Mstar politely for it. If it can, it can be flashed also.*** I actually bought one last week and managed to intentionally brick and recover an Asus VG248QE by backing up its firmware then flashing an XL2420Z firmware into it.(the EDID/DVI information got turned into the Benq ID/default refresh rates as the Asus for some reason does not have the EDID information in its firmware while the Benq monitors do, not a problem since the panels are the exact same, and a registered version of powerstrip can flash the EDID directly (this is unsupported, you have to request a key from entechtaiwan). Every pet spices does its own interaction (to see action click on pet than click from bottom 2nd ) Lvl up Pet. To lvl up pet faster can use: -pet food, bones -combine 2 pets together -play jewel or pet race (pet mini games) Pet can be fed, combined to lvl up only 7 times a day.

I do NOT know anything about gsync or if gsync modules can be upgraded in this manner!

Here's another ISP USB flasher with more updated software.

was able to get a 05/28 2015 version of their software from their page is lagging right now.

OSD worked, front panel buttons worked, VGA port "worked", image (Eye care logo) and VGA output displayed images but were corrupted, stretched and had scanlines.

Panel differences between the 27" and 24" 1080p AU panels made this unusable, but the electronics and I/O are otherwise the exact same.

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MK808B plus can support update online and just click the wireless update. HI Tronsmart users: We have released the Tronsmart Draco AW80 for months, and Thanks for all of your feedback about this products, We never forget or ignore our customers suggestion, and we never stop working on this device.