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The Via's other trick is that it offers calling functions and voice control.

The former uses that connection to your smartphone to examine your phonebook and let you make and receive calls, using the Tom Tom's own speaker and mic.

That's a handy addition if your car doesn't have Bluetooth. Using the trigger term "Hello Tom Tom" you can speak various voice commands, which are also displayed on screen so you can see them.

This makes it easy to use, as there's very little learning curve to worry about, unlike with most car voice control systems.

When you disconnect the Via, the suction cap folds down against the back meaning it's easy to stow the complete unit in a door pocket or glove box.

The Tom Tom Go, by contrast, often needs stowing in two parts, so this is an immediate win for the Via in our books.

It weighs 280g, but as you're not supposed to carry it around in your pocket, this might not matter.

The big differentiator in design between the top-of-the-range Go model and this mid-range Via is the mount.

Compared to the latest smartphones it is certainly a big lump, measuring 162.5 x 104.8 x 23.8mm.

We hold out hope that Tom Tom will issue another software update to improve the presentation of hazards, which would significantly improve the utility of the Golfer.

The navigation fundamentals are great, with good clear mapping that's easy to follow. The number of restarts we encountered was frustrating; the Bluetooth fluctuations compound this.

That means you can plan a route before you get in the car, so as soon as your device is connected, it will offer to take you there.

That's a clever function, but the Tom Tom My Drive app is a little primitive, especially compared to things like Google's smart searching offered through Maps.

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It’s a bit funky looking, what with the prominent 4-way navigational button bolted on to the bottom of the watch body, but it does a lot of things well.