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The dating game natalie standiford

Her best girl friend, Bess, has moved away, and good pal Henry is suddenly too cool to hang out with a girl.

Now, Claire must figure out how to negotiate the tricky landscape that is fifth gradeas the only remaining girl in school.

The plot covers a lot of grounda birthday party, a school dance, soccer games, sailing competitions, and even the appearance of a pirate ghost.

There are implausible moments, but the courage in Claires consistent refusal to change herself to please others always feels genuine.

Standiford successfully taps into the feeling of growing up on a small East Coast island. Her strength of character shines as she faces challenges with humor and resilience.

The desperation behind the Iron Curtain is dramatically portrayed as Laura witnesses the restrictions Alyosha and his friends endure.

Besides offering readers passion and suspense, Standiford raises thought-provoking questions about how far people should go for the sake of love and freedom.

Scarlet reigns as a popular girl at their middle school, while Lavenders status falls much lower on the social scale.

Yet both are determined to audition for the lead, Marian, in their school production of The Music Man.

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