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The subject matter has obviously proved troublesome for many, and through the centuries, there have been grand attempts to make Solomon’s Song to be about something else. It is certainly out of control., the Song of Songs has inspired many to seek and to find a deeper experience with God and a clearer understanding of His love.

Such attempts falter in light of all sound, hermeneutical principles. So even though it does not have an overt spiritual message, it seems to have a covert spiritual effect. Hopefully, at the end, the Song of Songs will have become less of an enigma and more of a spring garden full of surprises and delights.

The absence of God in the Song of Songs is very problematic, because Esther, at least, communicates God’s providential care, and the name Not so the Song of Songs: it remains first and foremost a book about love, marriage, and its physical expression. Let us note, for example, that modern sexuality is primarily about entertainment and marketing.

As an overview of the Song of Songs, this message will present: 1. The logic that prompted such a view was simple: All books in the Bible are about God. At a basic level, Jewish allegory holds that the bridegroom represents God, and the bride represents Israel.The following introduction to a Jewish “translation” of Song of Songs illustrates this.As the entire gamut of Talmudic and Rabbinic literature relating to Shir Ha Shirim makes clear, this highly emotional, seemingly sensuous song is an allegory. Right from the start, the Song of Songs, or, as some know it, the Song of Solomon, separates itself from the other books in the Bible. The king has brought me into his chambers (Songs of Songs 1:2-4).

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We recall Your love more than earthly delights; unrestrainedly do they love you. Though I am black with sin, I am comely with virtue, O nations who are destined to ascend to Jerusalem; though sullied as the tents of Kedar, I will be immaculate as the draperies of Him to Whom peace belongs. Do not view me with contempt despite my swarthiness, for it is but the sun which has glared upon me.