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Follow @vlad_mihalcea Now that I described the the basics of JPA and Hibernate flush strategies, I can continue unraveling the surprising behavior of Hibernate’s AUTO flush mode.

Many would assume that Hibernate always flushes the Session before any executing query.

While you can use the Entity Query Language in many use cases (selecting Entities and even projections), there are times when its limited capabilities are no match for an advanced querying request. If some query is better expressed in a native query, then it’s not worth sacrificing application performance on the altar of database portability.

In object oriented systems, we represent entities as objects, and use a database to persist those objects.When it comes to native SQL queries, things are getting much more complicated.Hibernate cannot parse SQL queries, because it only supports a limited database query syntax.Parameter(), set Float(), and others act similar to prepared statements.You can also simply call Query.execute Update() to execute the query. Example1 Session session = Hibernate Session Factory()Current Session(); session.begin Transaction(); //All database communication occurs within the scope of a transaction Person a Person = (Person) session .create Query("select p from Person p left join fetch p.events where = :pid") Parameter("pid", person Id); Transaction().commit(); String table = (String) Parameter("table");//obviously prone to tainted input String parameter1 = Parameter("param1"); Session session = session Current Session(); try catch (Exception e) session.close();//omfg no rollback?

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Once an object is associated with a Session we can begin a transaction.

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