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Other balanced states may occur including when: an allele is favored at one developmental stage and is selected against at another (antagonistic pleiotropy); an allele is favored in one sex and selected against in another (sexual antagonism); an allele is favored when it is rare and selected against when it is common (negative frequency dependent selection).: Also called sex-chromatin body, which represents the inactivated X chromosome in the nucleus of somatic mammalian cells.

Normally only seen in female cells and not in male cells.

One of the alleles is either non-functionally or incompletely rearranged and not expressed.

Examples are Fas (CD95), TNFR-1 and TNFR-related apoptosis-mediated protein (TRAMP).

These include 1) carbohydrates and lipids, 2) alkaloids, 3) other nitrogen-containing compounds, 4) flavonoid phenolics and other phenolics, and 5) terpenoids.

See reviews: An alternation of sexual (haploid) and asexual (diploid) form of generations in a life cycle (example: aphids).

The relative dominance of each phase is variable in each organism (mosses have a dominant haploid phase whereas angiosperms have a dominant diploid phase).

Besides aphids, Daphnia (water flea), rotifers, Hydra have alternation of generations in response to environmental conditions.: Formation of diverse m RNAs through differential splicing of the same RNA precursor.

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It is the result of the process called dosage compensation. It is used to describe the non-sugar components of nucleotides (despite the basic nature of nucleotides, nucleic acids are acidic due to the phosphate atoms they contain).