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I've outlined some tips on how to choose and what to buy on my website.

Once you pick out the bike for you, I'll see on the trails!

Jeff Bought a bike we talked about in one of our reviews?

Let us know about your thoughts and send us pictures of the bike.

It’s the best deal we’ve seen yet on Garmin, so don’t let this one slip by you! We all know the problems associated with of storing our bikes.

There’s no single best solution, but wall-mount racks are one of the most popular and efficient ways to curb the clutter: a) can be easily fold down to save weight, b) rubber-coated arms protect bike finish c) Carries up to two bikes; maximum load 65 pounds This solid Allen Sports carrier is a bicycle trailer or stroller – you call it!

This super deal works with both road and mountain bikes.

Ultegra R8000 Carbon road bike pedals from Performance Bike!Not every bike is a screaming deal, and that’s why we’ve singled out some stand-out bargains below: The Access Bynum is a road bike you may not be familiar with, but it’s an outstanding deal that we are compelled to point out.It’s available in five different sizes to accommodate nearly every rider.Pick up a couple of sets for the upcoming season because, when it comes to consumables such as tires, replacements should be hanging in your garage at the ready. From special chain lube to fenders, you’ll do well to heed the season and stock up on applicable items.Black Friday deals make it easy to maintenance your bike!

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I figured that decent bikes cost a lot and the cheap ones are all crap.

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