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Dating shows history

The advent of new technology in the 1990s saw the most significant shift in dating yet.

In the 1950's courtship was formal and elaborate — a routine of going steady, getting pinned and then engaged, all under the watchful eyes of parents.

“She happened to be the very last woman who cycled through my table. “My seventh time there is when I met Sally,” said Ken. “I think right away, four days a week, and now we're living together,” added Sally.

So that was, I guess, the woman worth waiting for,” said Larry Brown. “And, actually, her personality entered the room before she did. With all the changes that have taken place in American courtship, everyone agrees once you find it, nothing beats true love.

And long before the days of shows like "The Bachelor," 1965 brought us "The Dating Game," the forerunner in TV dating shows for singles.

“It was a magic formula because, here you have a woman picking from three guys, so at home everybody's saying, “Oh, she's gotta take that number two, he's so handsome." The fact that women were making choices was a total different thing for dating,” said Jim Lange, host of the show until it went off the air in 1980.

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Even when it is clear the troublemaker isn't marriage material, roses continue to be doled out his or her way.

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