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On another positive note, fatherless daughters often develop determined spirits and survival very early on.They are loyal friends and can love like no other–ultimately, they just want to give love and be loved.We have both been there, and we wanted to open up the conversation about the effects of fatherlessness on female development and the steps toward healing.We define fatherless as the lack of an emotional bond between a daughter and her father due to, but not limited to: death, divorce, abuse, addiction, incarceration or abandonment.

In plenty of cases, mothers, stepfathers, grandparents and other key adults in a child's life often go above and beyond to fill the gap, and many children who grow up without fathers turn out perfectly fine.Because their playbook may be a bit rusty or confusing, they can fall into relationship traps by picking the wrong partners.They may go after men who are similar to their fathers or decide to stay away from men altogether.Females are, of course, affected in unique ways, since many go on to have relationships with men as adults—and that can trigger unresolved issues.Karin Luise, Ph D, an integrative therapist, spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker, and Denna Babul, RN, a life coach, motivational speaker, and relationship and medical expert—two women who have dealt with these very challenges in their own lives—felt the call to help others who have struggled with the loss of a father in one way or another.

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Often, the daughter experiences a combination of these, and she is not taught how to manage the trauma of her losses until later in life when she re-experiences her pain and realizes she has unresolved issues.

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