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However, you can alter this behavior with the KEY ONLY attribute which is NO by default.

The CFGRIDUP DATE tag makes the job of processing multiple changes by a user easy but it has some limitations: • It is designed to update a single table.Other Features Some other features of grid controls warrant brief discussion: • Associating URLs with grid items • Including images in grid cells • Manually populating grids Associating URL swith Grid Items When building grid controls you can associate a URL with the cells in a column by using the HREF attribute.You can do this in two ways: by specifying a URL or by specifying another column from the query result that contains URLs In either case the entries in the particular column will be presented as clickable URLs and a URL attribute called CFGRID KEY will be added to the end of the URL containing information that is dependent on the selection mode being used in the grid.There are three’steps to manually populating a grid.Pirst, you need to create your grid by using CFGRID.

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passed to the template that can access it in the same way that any other URL attribute is accessed.

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